An encounter with Tracing the Pathway

Hand against hand or hand towards hand is a space in a space adjacent to, fluid in and being other spaces. Space is not singular.

On my way out after a day with Fluid States North at Nuuk Art Museum I ran into my partner from the performance; her whom I had looked in the eyes for quite a long time. It was intense were her words which I took with me.

In a telematic space hand to hand, eye to eye, with other bodies around us. Paired up in the same symbiosis. With bodies in Copenhagen. With bodies in Thorshavn. I was engaged and lost in another’s eye. An eye which by turns was biology – iris and transitoriness – and the Other – the look.


While a voice filled up space I overflow. Towards and against the Other.

For how long must I look into her eyes to know her?

She had dimples like me.


The first encounter was enclosed in a smile.

To keep eye contact we had to smile and laugh.

Encounter the reflection and the light in the Other’s eye.


The voice in space talked death out.

My face cracked.

Fell apart.

The smile broke.

Eyes in hollows one day empty.


I don’t believe death was anxiety-provoking at that moment. Death was there.


I believe her eyes were greenish with a touch of brown; mine are reversed : brownish with a touch of green.


With hand towards hand, hand against hand, we faced the transitoriness. Not smiling. Bodies one day no longer will be.


I believe we mirrored ourselves.


I don’t believe in one space but in several existing simultaneously.

The voice, the Atlantic Ocean, the waves, the bodies.


Finally we closed our eyes with only the touch of the fingertips left. But space is.

Established and recognizable. Fluid and unfamiliar.

The encounter, the smile, the bodies, the transitory, and that which escapes.

That is it and IT is.



By Stine Lundberg Hansen

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